MW3 First Map Pack - Liberation & Piazza - Download

Free Liberation and Piazza Map Pack Download

In January MW3 dropped their first Map Pack for the game which included the maps 'Liberation and Piazza'. Two medium to large maps with a new and original design.

The maps are free for those who are 'Elite Premium subscribers', regular members are required to purchase the maps through the use of Microsoft Points/PSN Points.

However, we are offering the map pack for FREE to everyone, whether you're an Elite Premium Subscriber or not, we will give you this map pack for free! Please read on.

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2) Click on an 'available' free code below, if there are no free codes available it means they have all been redeemed already and we will have more stock in soon.
3) Redeem your free code either on your PS3 or Xbox360.
4) Enjoy playing your new Call of Duty Map Pack, for free!

Please Note: We have provided ONE PS3 Code and ONE Xbox 360 Code within each text file. Enjoy!

MW3 Map Pack Code 1: AVAILABLE
MW3 Map Pack Code 2: AVAILABLE
MW3 Map Pack Code 3: UNAVAILABLE
MW3 Map Pack Code 4: AVAILABLE
MW3 Map Pack Code 5: UNAVAILABLE
MW3 Map Pack Code 6: AVAILABLE
MW3 Map Pack Code 7: AVAILABLE
MW3 Map Pack Code 8: AVAILABLE
MW3 Map Pack Code 9: UNAVAILABLE
MW3 Map Pack Code 10: UNAVAILABLE

All codes are updated on a daily basis, therefore you will always have a chance of getting one!


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